Thursday, 27 February 2014

Subtle Sixties Eye Makeup

I love a 60s eye. The whole thing just really makes your eyes pop. 
I decided to do quite a subtle version with a pale grey lid, deep grey/purple in the crease and a small wing.
I think it's a look that benefits from a little practice, but it's really adjustable for whatever style you're comfortable with.
The crease colour needs to be really well blended, so it's worth taking a bit of time over. 
I kept my wing a little less bold by using a black powder shadow with an angled brush.
Pleas ignore the horror that is my left eyebrow.
Products used: Foundation - Une Skinglow in G08
                       Blusher - MAC Satin in Royal Sunset
                       Eye shadow - Sleek iDivine palette in Au Naturel
                       Mascara - 17 Peep Show in Black

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