Friday, 15 June 2012

#7Days7Dresses Competition Entry!

This post is my entry into the New Look/Fashion Champagne #7Days7Dresses competition.

 So it's a Monday, the weekend's over and it's the long time until your next roast. This is the ideal dress to cheer you up with its gorgeous bright colouring, and the detailing makes it easy to dress for whatever your day should bring.

Tuesday. Following the print heavy start to the week, calm it down with a solid hue. The straps on the back lift the dress. It's also perfect for colour-blocking. I reckon this would make a pretty good casual shopping outfit.

I. Need. This. Dress. Is this the cutest print ever? Yeah, I think so. Sunny and beautiful, makes me feel like I should be eating a lolly walking next to a beach.


Celebration that you're half way through the week = the most amazing 50s style dress. Thank you Kelly Brook. Should I be popping down to Ascot this year, I would wear this. Unlikely, though, so I'd probably try convince people to go out for a posh meal to show this off.

I always feel like dressing up a little bit on a Friday. This works so well because it'll go with any hair and make up I fancy. Plus, with the panelling it slims you down.

It's Saturday! I love how unusual this dress is, and the cut is so flattering. You can wear a strap top under it if you feel you need a little more courage, or let it all hang loose in a night out.

Sunday, let's face it, you don't want to have to think to hard. A hangover is not beyond the realms of possibility, you want something easy and comfortable. I think this ticks all the boxes and this is probably my favourite colour for clothes.

So those would be my ideal week in dresses, I hope you like them.
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